Wildwood View Garden

Garden Manager: Angela D. Goldsmith

Land/ Water Sharer: Angela D Goldsmith

Work Party: Sundays 10am

Welcome to Wildwood View Garden – a homestead on the peninsula. This is our second season (2016) out here on the peninsula! The fruit trees and grapes are doing well, as well as the Arctic Kiwis! We hope to start getting harvests of some substance by 2018 season!

Last fall we added a greenhouse, which is awesome, especially because we were assigned nightshades and legumes for the season. It is bursting with beans, tomatoes, peppers and more. The peas are in the ground, as well as other random and wonderful goodies.

We have also just added a second hive, this time a Warre. We hope to be able to provide a little honey in our August market!

Welcome to Shana Houlton, new permaculture apprentice!