15 Creative Ways to Use Eggshells Around the House or Garden

Eggshells are more than just containers for the nutritious yolk and egg white, they also happen to be an excellent example of nature’s perfect packaging.

Today you will have a chance to explore their usefulness by reading our list of 15 great ways in which you can use them around your home or garden.

15 Home and Garden Uses for Eggshells

1. Indoor Seed Starter

Indoor Seed Starter

The eggshell is one of the most eco-friendly planting options. The shell can be filled halfway with soil, and then seeds are placed carefully inside.

Wait until plants grow large enough, where they can be transplanted right into your garden! The plant will have a head start because it has extra calcium from the broken-down shell around it!

2. Organic Garden Mulch

Organic Garden Mulch

Crushing your eggshells and carrying them straight out into the garden will help regulate water flow, but it also releases calcium over time! Do you want a healthier garden? Crush those eggs and enjoy watching things grow.

3. Boost Calcium to Nourish Your Tomatoes

Boost Calcium to Nourish Your Tomatoes

Eggshells contain calcium, which helps your tomatoes and squash plants prevent blossom-end rot. Eggshells are also suitable for cabbage, broccoli, and peppers!

4. Control Pests

Control Pests

You can protect the plants in your garden by crushing eggshells around their base. This will repel slugs and snails, which love to eat the leaves of many types of plants!

5. Add to Compost

Add to Compost

Compost piles make for better

quality compost. Remember to add as many biodegradable items as you can, including eggshells.

6. Feeding Eggshells to Chickens

Feeding Eggshells to Chickens

If you want healthy eggs, feed the eggshells back to the chickens! If they’re eating their own eggs, it may be because of a vitamin deficiency.

7. Give Free Food to Wild Birds

Give Free Food to Wild Birds

You can give a little support to wild birds too! You bake the shells, crush them into bite-sized pieces, and sprinkle them on the ground for them to find.

8. Make An Eggshell Face Mask


Get a free facial treatment by crushing your dried eggshells and whisking an egg white together till it’s somewhat stiff. Spread the mixture over your face and wash it off after with cold water.

9. Add to Apple Cider Vinegar


Add dried eggshells to a jar of apple cider vinegar, and let nature science do its work. The end result is a tincture that treats acid reflux, skin irritations, and itchy skin.

10. Eat Your Eggshells


Have you ever tried eating eggshells? Pulverize them finely and add them to juices, smoothies, soups, or stews. Half an eggshell a day will cover your basic calcium needs.

11. Whiten Your Laundry


Here’s a natural way to keep your whites bright. Add some slices of lemon and eggshells into a tightly woven bag or old stocking.

12. Homemade Eggshell Toothpaste


Want to make the best toothpaste? Make an excellent eggshell powder toothpaste. This helps keep your teeth cavity-free.

13. Toss Eggshells In Your Bone Broth Or Stock Pot


If you are unaware, eggshells are much more than just a culinary delicacy. Adding them to your broth will give it an added nutritional boost! They won’t change the flavor at all, and they’re pretty cost-effective too.

14. Boil Eggshells, then Add to Your Coffee


Powdered eggshells are enough to make 4 cups of great coffee. It is an excellent way to get some calcium if you’re drinking dairy-free.

15. Scrub Your Tough-to-clean Pots


Crush eggshells into a dirty pot and soap and water to get it clean! The shells are wonderfully abrasive, so they’ll break up the dirt too.

After enjoying a delicious breakfast that included eggs, let’s save them and don’t throw them away.

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